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Peated Single Malt Whiskey - Stark Spirits


Tasting Notes:

Nose        Easy peat, not overpowering, flinty, burned matches, smoked salmon, accompanied by sweet caramel maltyness.
Palate      Steady arrival, solid peat that is intertwined with sweat vanilla cocoa bean. Light mouthfeel with with full-bodied flavor and a touch of heat.
Finish        Medium, leaves you with dry charcoal smoke and bitter almonds.
Non-islay Malts        Ardmore, Ballrchine.


Bronze Medal:  Smoked Whiskey ADI 2016 Craft Spirit Competition

Batch Information:

Barrel BBL 52-12 (Cask strength at 118.4): Released January 2017
Barrel BBL 15-04 (Cask strength at 118.4): Released February 18, 2016

new 7 barrel fermenters

New 7 Barrel Fermenters

Stark Spirits just received two brand new 7 barrel fermenters! The secret of all good spirit beverages begins in the fermentation process. Great spirits come from excellent fermentation of the ingredients that produce the specific spirit. We’ve been using our small fermenters that hold 50 gallons and distilling double batches in small Dragon Still. Most people are surprised to learn that distilling 50 gallons of fermented beverage produce about 8 gallons of spirit, which is just about 6 cases. Our new fermenters will allow us to distill in our beautiful 210 gallon Hoga still—and that should be about 20 gallons, about 16 cases. You’ll be seeing more Stark Spirits in your favorite bars, restaurants, and stores.

First product bottled—Stark Spirits California Silver Rum

Stark Spirits bottled their first cases of product on November 15! We have 5 cases of California Silver Rum! After waiting such a long time to be able to make our spirits and have product for sale, we were just ecstatic on Saturday, November 15, 2014. Our Silver Rum is fantastic! It’s smooth and flavorful and it will delight all dedicated rum-drinkers. So much goes into handcrafting our small batch spirits, and we, Karen and Greg, do it all ourselves—from buying the molasses and sugar cane, to fermenting, to distilling, to proofing, to storing in kegs, to gauging for legal standards, to putting it in a bottle and all the myriad steps in between. Stark Spirits is a true artisan micro-distillery.