California Gold Rum


Greg Stark has enjoyed crafting a unique west coast style Gold Rum. The measured sweetness of Stark Spirits California Gold Rum announces itself on your palate, not the tip of your tongue. Stark Spirits Gold Rum doesn’t need a mixer, and, just the way whiskey does, it holds its own, neat or straight. Greg decided it was time for a rum with a more individual attitude.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Incredibly rich vanilla, caramel, butterscotch with a hint of funky Agricole on the back.  Very inviting.
Mouth: Feels a bit thin but within a normal rum range.  Cracked black pepper, a lot of sugar/brown sugar.  Surprisingly sweet considering no sugar is added.  Mahogany.  A hint of youth but the burn is minimal.
With Water:  Cotton candy fluffiness to the nose.  A bit hotter but somehow more sippable.  Candy floss, gum tree chewiness on the back.  Bittersweet chocolate morsels with hints of tropical fruit.  Great for dessert.


Bronze Medal: Aged Rum – Molasses  ADI 2016 Craft Spirit Competition

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Batch Information:

Batch: BBL-30-04 Bottled 12-12-2015

California Silver 151 Rum


Stark Spirits California Silver 151 Rum is setting the standard for California style overproof rum. Reminiscent of pacific island adventures, wild Tiki nights, conga drums, Polynesian fire dancers, fresh sea air, sailing, surfing, and California beaches, this Rum is smooth and delicious. Even at such high proof, this double distilled rum maintains a terrific natural aroma and clean rum flavor. Crafted from molasses and pure cane sugar, it’s a rum you’d only find made by American craft distiller on the Pacific coast.

Our California Silver 151 Rum can be enjoyed over ice or in your favorite super rum-powered cocktail. With a fire that is real, use it in a fondue, party punch, or  to present a dramatic flaming dessert.


Best of Category: Overproof Rum ADI 2016 Craft Spirits Competition 2016
Silver Medal: Overproof Rum ADI Craft Spirits Competition 2016

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Batch Information:

Our 151 Rum is handcrafted in small quantities and available in limited releases.

Batch 1 Released  Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Batch 2 Released  Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Stark Spirits California Silver Rum has strength of character that surprises and delights. California is not the Caribbean, and our rum is not Caribbean rum. Think of characteristics found in a premium dry California wine. Our 86 proof rum presents with heat and a promise of sweetness at your first taste. The sweetness builds as you savor it, and the finish is warm and long and dry. The memory of the sweetness of sugar cane lingers, without drenching sweetness flooding the palate. The charisma of our Golden State is reflected in Stark Spirits hand-crafted California Silver Rum, which has the strength of character for a sweet, mellow drink alone, over ice, or in your favorite Tiki cocktail.

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Batch Information:

Batch 1: Released November 15, 2014
Batch 2: Released January 14, 2015
Batch 3: Released November 28, 2015
Batch 4: Released February 24, 2016