Stark Spirits California Silver Rum has strength of character that surprises and delights. California is not the Caribbean, and our rum is not Caribbean rum. Think of characteristics found in a premium dry California wine. Our 86 proof rum presents with heat and a promise of sweetness at your first taste. The sweetness builds as you savor it, and the finish is warm and long and dry. The memory of the sweetness of sugar cane lingers, without drenching sweetness flooding the palate. The charisma of our Golden State is reflected in Stark Spirits hand-crafted California Silver Rum, which has the strength of character for a sweet, mellow drink alone, over ice, or in your favorite Tiki cocktail.

Drink Recipes Featuring California Silver Rum:


Batch Information:

Batch 1: Released November 15, 2014
Batch 2: Released January 14, 2015
Batch 3: Released November 28, 2015
Batch 4: Released February 24, 2016